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How often have you felt like you should share your testimony more?

As Christians, we’re encouraged to share our testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints remind us all the time that we need to be assisting in the gathering of Israel.

But, aside from standing up in front of your congregation and telling them your testimony, it can sometimes feel difficult to find opportunities to share the gospel the way the Church asks us to.

Plus, it can be scary to look someone in the face and tell them what you believe when you know they believe something different.

Even if you’ve served as a missionary, it can still be difficult to find and take these opportunities.

So here’s an easy opportunity for you.

You hear from me all the time on the blog (hi, I’m Christina, nice to sort of meet you), but I’d like to start sharing other people’s stories and testimonies on the blog as well.

You can send in your testimonies so they can be featured on the Seeking Christ blog during the week.

Don’t worry about whether you’re a good writer or not. If you can write a testimony that is sincere and meaningful, no matter how the words come out, I’d love to help you share it.

To make this really simple for you, I’ve created a Google Form for you to fill out. Just answer the questions designed to help you share your testimony and submit the form.

Seriously. It’s that simple.

Once I have your responses, I will place them into a blog post. I may do some light editing when I do this, but the editing will be limited to grammar and formatting. Your valuable words won’t be ruined – I promise.

Then I’ll publish the post. If you like, I’ll notify you when the post goes live.

Now share it further.

Once the post with your testimony is live, please share it on your social media pages. You can do so from the blog itself or from Seeking Christ’s Facebook page.

After that, you can pat yourself on the back and know that you’ve reached out to people you care about and shared your testimony with them. And maybe you’ll be able to find someone who would be interested in learning more.

You never know who might need your words. So share your testimony today by clicking this link:

Click Here for the Share Your Testimony Google Form

Thank you for your support of this blog, and for your willingness to share your testimony with others!