6- Month Conference Study Outline

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

After the April 2020 General Conference, I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer. It was time to put a booklet together that would help me focus my study and preparation between the April and October Conferences.

I call it Seeking Revelation. And since we’re all Seeking Christ together, I thought I’d share it with you too.

This is a simple outline that helps you choose where to focus your study for the next 6 months. You can tailor your study to your own needs, use as many or as few of the pages as you’d like, and make your study and preparation what you want it to be.

And, like everything on Seeking Christ, this study book is FREE to download.

Here’s what this study book will help you do:

  1. Choose a focus word/phrase for your study.
  2. Decide which invitations from General Conference are most needed in your life.
  3. Plan out your study schedule for the next 6 months.
  4. Dig into the topics you want to study most before next General Conference.

When you look over the book at first, it might seem a bit intimidating. But remember, this is a study spread out over several months, so it doesn’t have to be really time consuming or overwhelming.

You make this study what you want it to be. And if that means cutting out part of the book and just focusing on a section of it, then do that.

Personally, I plan on this adding only 10-20 minutes to my normal daily study. If that’s all any of us do, I think we’ll be surprised at what we can learn in that short amount of time.

The whole point of this booklet is for all of us to have a flexible guide to focus our study. Make it what you will.

So dive in and check out this 6-month General Conference Study and Progress Outline!

*Note: I only put one set of the topic study pages in this download to make the file smaller. When you need another set of the study pages, you can print off another set of just those few study pages from this same download. Simply select the pages you’d like to print so you don’t print the whole booklet over again.