Messengers of Christ

With Christmas coming this week, I thought I’d do something different for this week’s post. Something that always stands out to me when reading about and remembering Christ’s birth is how many people prophesied and celebrated Him. These people carried the message of Christ across continents and centuries, testified and recorded their testimonies of Him, […]

People Who Stood for Christ and How You Can Too

We’ve all heard stories of people who stood for Christ through their whole lives. People like prophets, martyrs, pioneers, even family members, all who willingly made sacrifices, struggled through seemingly impossible circumstances, and changed their lives to follow Christ. What is it about these people that helped them to continue forward, even facing death and […]

7 Tips for Studying Christ in Your Scriptures

I think we all have our favorite ways of studying the scriptures. But sometimes, after I’ve been studying the scriptures one way for a while, I want to try something new. I’ve been thinking of new ways to approach scripture study lately, and I’ve come up with some ideas. I’ve centered these ideas around studying […]

Anchor of My Testimony

Testimony from David Jenkins David’s Introduction to the Gospel Born into the church, introduced to the gospel through example of family and significant personal study. David’s Biggest Struggles/Questions Understanding the role of faith. Not over thinking the big picture and the unknowns. Being patient with answers. How David Gained His Testimony Patience, faith, study, experience […]