Messengers of Christ

Bronze Statues of the Three Wisemen
Photo by Jonathan Meyer from Pexels

With Christmas coming this week, I thought I’d do something different for this week’s post. Something that always stands out to me when reading about and remembering Christ’s birth is how many people prophesied and celebrated Him.

These people carried the message of Christ across continents and centuries, testified and recorded their testimonies of Him, and helped others look forward to His coming. 

And this still happens today. 

We aren’t looking for the birth of our Savior now – we’re looking for His glorious day of power, the Second Coming. And the messengers who prepare us for that day have the same job as the messengers who carried the message of Christ’s birth thousands of years ago. 

With all this in mind, I’ve written a poem to celebrate both Christmas and the message of our Christ. I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!


Consider the messengers

of ancient days past,

embracing the bright Word

and whispering, “Thou hast

found favor with God.”

“For with God nothing

shall be impossible.”

She remembers and murmurs

to the babe in the manger,

as, nearby, He’s declared

Savior by seraphs above.

Proof given in the sign

promised by the Great God

of the covenant, no silence

remains. The bright Word

spreads joyously abroad.

Promised sign of light

oceans away testifies the Savior

before a gaping audience –

proving the lost messenger

of the wall, lives and souls

protected in the Word.

The Greatest Messenger shares

His own bright Word,

carrying in Him His Father’s

business and binding all

our battle wounds.

From our King, “A light

to lighten the Gentiles,”

the bright Word leaps

beyond even Him, His lambs

bounding forward to others,

abroad and determined.

Even in the days

surrounded in philosophy,

sophistry winning out,

resolution bore the

might of the bright Word.

Near buried, the bright Word

stands, high again among

messengers, bearing to all

the promises of the past

and the acts of the Savior,

all maintained in love.

Consider the messengers

of days we watch pass,

acting in effects farther

reaching than mortals’

vision discerns.

Messengers taking up the call to fight

and marching with the Word of Light.

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