Divine Identity, God’s Love, and Spiritual Growth

As important, desirable, and exciting as our identities and pursuits are, we need to remember one thing – all of it is secondary to our divine identity as children of God. When the greatest love we have in our lives is for God, then our identity as children of God will be at the forefront of our minds.

Giving Gratitude to God Generously

At its best, Thanksgiving is a reflective holiday to consider our lives and situations. It brings us together with those we care about. Most importantly, it gives us a chance to remember all that God does for us. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve talked about giving time and service to God generously (you can read these by clicking the links at the bottom of this article). While these are things we ought to do year-round, this time of year is great for reminders. And with Thanksgiving just days away, giving gratitude to God generously seems like a good reminder for all of us. So we’re going to look at some ways we can be more generous in our gratitude to God.

Choosing to Be a Modern Pioneer for Christ

Each of us has individual trails that we have to walk. Those trails are challenging, painful, and even scary at times. But we don’t walk them alone. We need a new generation of pioneers – pioneers who rely on Christ as they build bridges of compassion and work toward a unified community.