Free Downloadable April 2023 General Conference Study Book

Cover image of the April 2023 General Conference Study Book

It’s almost time for the April 2023 General Conference!

At Seeking Christ, we get super pumped about General Conference. Two days of hearing the word of God from prophets and seers? Two days of incredible leaders setting examples and telling stories and reminding us about the love of our God? YES PLEASE.

But what’s the point of two amazing days with the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints if we aren’t doing much on our side to remember or learn from what they teach us? We only get to hear from them like this twice a year, so let’s make the most of it, yeah?

We think the best way to prepare for and get the most out of Conference is by using a study book.

A Study Book?

Yep, a study book. And no, not one of those ones you have to pay 20 dollars for, then hope it gets shipped to you on time.

There’s a simpler option. Just download the booklet at the bottom of the page for FREE. Literally. You pay nothing. No loopholes. No “but first subscribe to my email list/newsletter/whatever.” Just download this book, do the prep material, and settle in on April 1st and 2nd to watch this spring’s General Conference.

But What’s In This General Conference Study Book?

Great question. This study book was designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind so you can take notes in whatever way you prefer most. It’s also set up to give you an easy way to prep and review Conference without a huge time commitment. And, because we know that you want to help strengthen your family, there are specific pages set aside just for that purpose. There are a few types of pages included in this General Conference Study Book:

  • A Conference Prep Page to help you get more out of Conference
  • Note Pages with plenty of writing and doodling space
  • Labeled Note Pages set aside for the First Presidency’s and Apostles’ talks
  • Post-Conference Review and Summary Pages to catch the highlights and figure out your goals
  • Family Prep and Review Pages to unite your family in searching for answers and setting goals

This General Conference study book is made of the simple things that can help you have that spiritual learning experience you want from Conference. It can help you self-assess, ponder questions, and discuss the gospel with your family. And because of its simple design, you can easily take notes, doodle, write personal insights, or play tick-tack-toe with your kids.

So go ahead and try out the free, printable General Conference Study Book offered only here at Seeking Christ.

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