FREE General Conference Study Book

General Conference Study Book April 2020

Who’s ready for the April Bicentennial Celebration of the First Vision?

(Wow, that’s a mouthful.)

Yep, it’s an exciting time for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

But sometimes it’s hard to feel prepared for Conference. Life is so crazy, and honestly, what can we really do to get ready? Or maybe Conference is new to you, and you want to learn about it. Maybe you just want to get more out of Conference talks.

If any of these struggles with Conference feel familiar, give a study book a shot.

A Study Book?

Yep, a study book. And no, not one of those ones you have to pay 20 dollars for and hope it gets shipped to you on time.

Go simpler. Just download the booklet at the bottom of the page for FREE. Literally. You pay nothing.

No loopholes. No “but first subscribe to my email list/newsletter/whatever.”

Just download this book, do the prep material, and settle in on April 4 and 5 to watch this exciting General Conference.

But What’s in This General Conference Study Book?

Great question. There are few different pages included in this General Conference Study Book

  • A Conference prep page
  • Note pages
  • Post-Conference review and summary pages
  • NEW Pre-Conference Checklist

None of the extra fancy stuff. It’s made of the simple things that can help you have that spiritual learning experience you want from Conference.

So go ahead and try out the free, printable General Conference Study Book offered only here at Seeking Christ.

Then enjoy your most memorable Conference yet.