I Know He Lives!!

Testimony from Lynette Jenkins

A Bit About Lynette

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a wife to an awesome man and mother of three amazing daughters and a new son-in-law.

I have a dual degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I was blessed to be able use my degree to be at home with my daughters rather than pursue my career. This was a dream come true for me. My daughters are grown now and I am just enjoying life at the moment!!

Lynette’s Introduction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I grew up in the gospel.

Lynette’s Biggest Struggle with the Gospel

Is it really true?

How Lynette Gained Her Testimony

I remember spending late nights in my room as a teenager reading scriptures and praying. Through this process my testimony grew.

I feel like I have always had a testimony. I remember being told I needed to know for myself and praying to know if it was true. I remember feeling a warm, undeniable feeling that it was true.

I still sometimes questioned if I really knew if the gospel was true. I read an article one day where the woman in it talked about trying to know if the gospel was true. The woman came to the realization that she had always known it was true.

I realized at that moment that my experience was very similar. The Lord had answered some of my inquiries with a witness, but for the most part I have always known in my heart that it was true.

Experiences That Strengthened Lynette

I have at times had undeniable answers to prayers in my life. I have felt the specific guidance of the spirit helping me know and feel which direction I should go and what I should do. Each time this happens, my testimony strengthens.

Other times, I may not feel that I have a specific answer or direction. During those times, I know that if I just continue to strive to follow the Lord that things will work for the best. I have seen it first hand in my life.

How Lynette Copes with Questions

I’m not one to question a lot when it comes to the gospel. It just makes sense to me. Occasionally, when I am struggling to understand something, I turn to faith and prayer.

I know that Our Savior is there to help us with whatever we need and if we will turn to Him and pray for understanding or maybe even just to have peace in our heart about a certain aspect of life or the gospel that we can feel that peace, if we will let Him in.

Lynette’s Testimony of God and Jesus Christ

I know that Our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ are real! I know that they love us so much. I feel that if we can realize the love that they have for each of us that everything else in the gospel hinges on that.

If we can only realize the love that Jesus Christ has for us then we will understand that everything He has done for us or asks of us or has given us is because of this love. He wants more than anything for us to choose to return to Him and Our Father because He loves us.

He has provided the Holy Ghost to help us. He has restored the gospel so we can learn of Him and because He loves us! We have a prophet and apostles on the earth to guide us and help us because He loves us so much. He has given us commandments because of this love.

Our experiences here on earth are because of His love for us and what He wants us to learn. Everything, goes back to this love and His desire for us to be with Him again! Jesus Christ gave His life for that very reason, so that we can return to our Heavenly Father!

I know He lives!! I know He loves us!! I know He knows each of us individually and He knows our hearts, our thoughts, and our feelings! He is our Savior!!

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