When I Can’t See Him

Dark Forest with Sunlit Path
Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

I wanted to share this simple poem with you all today. We can find Christ in so many places if we’re willing to listen and look for Him. But we don’t have to physically see Him to know how much He loves us and watches over us. This poem is about that – about where we find Him and how He can change us through small things. Happy Sunday!

When I Can’t See Him

At times a roiling world,
twists me deep in its mists.
The tempter’s voice
screaming in shadows - 
yet a call,
the wondrous call,
rises above all noise,
all voices,
and all weaknesses.
In a simple brushing moment,
the whisper,
“Come to me,
to my holy place. Meet
Me there, in my loving arms.”
I go.
I meet Him. 
Without seeing,
I feel His arms,
His hand extending - 
as a friend, a neighbor,
a stranger reaching as He does.
In a holy place, 
my spirit responds
to Him -
even when I can’t see Him
He’s here.

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