How to Prepare for Spiritual Battles

Over the past several months, it has become more and more apparent that simply maintaining our current spiritual activity will not always be enough. President Russell M. Nelson made this clear in both General Conferences last year as he made the adjustments of ministering and a home-centered Church. He invited us to minister and live […]

Finding Hope in Fear

I know a secret. It’s about me. It’s about you. In fact, it isn’t really a secret, because we all know this – we just don’t like to talk about it: we are all afraid. Yep. That’s it. We are scared and, let’s be real here, we have some good reasons to be scared. After […]

Why Does Satan Tempt Us?

Life is rough. And a big reason for that is Satan, the one who tempts us to sin, encourages pain and suffering, and opposes God’s eternal plan. Sorry, that’s a gloomy start. Even though Satan is real and does try to bring us down, God is real too. And He does the opposite of Satan […]