Don’t Worry – Christ Will Show Up In Your Life

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She waited 12 years.

Most of that time, she probably didn’t realize she was waiting for Him – just that she was waiting for a miracle. A cure. She searched for it everywhere, going to every physician who claimed he could help her, never giving up on that miracle even when her health got worse and worse. 

After 12 years, her issue of blood had only ever worsened. What else could she possibly do? 

And then He came. 

When hope was probably thin, when she was at her worst, when waiting had worn her down – she heard of him. He came.

And in two minutes or less, she was healed and whole.

(Woman with issue of blood, Mark 5:25-34)

She waited for hours.

Her daughter was dead. No question in her heart, just wishing she could deny it. Her husband, Jairus, had been too slow to fetch Him. He had not come in time to heal her daughter.

And she wept, knowing hope was gone. 

But He came. 

Late, it seemed to her, but He came.

And with two simple words, her daughter was standing up, wrapped in her arms – breathing, smiling, watching her parents’ tears of joy. 

(Wife of Jairus, Luke 8:41-42, 49-56)

They waited in chaotic darkness.

The storm raged around them, rocking them back and forth. How none of them lost their footing and went overboard, they never knew.

All they did know was that they needed help, more hands to keep the ship afloat, but He slept at the back of the boat, distant as if He weren’t there at all.

He had reason to be tired, they knew that. And though they were fighting the storm with all they had, they tried to let Him rest. Until they were desperate, until they knew they’d die without more help – they let Him sleep.

Then they woke Him with a question.

And He came.

He didn’t take hold of the ropes to angle the sails. He didn’t steer the ship.

He spoke three words, and the storm disappeared.

(Disciples, Mark 4:36-41)

He’d waited his whole life.

But now there was a threat to cut the waiting short. And though he was willing to die if needed, he didn’t want to see everyone who’d waited with him lose their lives because the time for waiting wasn’t over yet.

Sick to his stomach with grief, he prayed, pleading for his people who waited with him, wondering how much longer they’d be able to wait for Him. 

And He came.

He came first in a whisper, a reassurance that strengthened his heart. And hours later, He came in a sign of light – and He came to a worn little manger.

(Nephi, 3 Nephi 1:10-21)

If You’re Waiting, Christ is Coming

I don’t know what you’re facing right now – fear (I don’t blame you, life gets crazier every day), hopelessness, loss, depression, isolation – but whatever it is that you’re facing, know this: You aren’t alone.

It may seem like Christ is distant, that He isn’t coming, and that it’s too late for Him to help you anyway. 

But He isn’t far away. Look at how He came to the people in these stories right when they most needed Him. He never abandoned them.  

He is coming. Even when you feel alone, you won’t feel that way for long. He is coming. He’s coming to you personally because He loves you. The people in these stories all experienced Christ’s love personally and directly – whether they spent years by His side or only passed by Him momentarily. 

And it’s never too late for Him to help you. Jesus Christ fulfilled the infinite Atonement. Nothing is too much for Christ to handle. He will always offer His Atonement of salvation, love, and peace to you – personally. 

If you have to wait a while to really see Christ in your life, remember two things:

  1. No matter how long you wait, He’s still coming. 
  2. Waiting for Christ is always worth it. 

Just trust Him. Trust that He loves you and is coming to you. And He will.

Don’t Let Waiting Sway Your Belief in Christ

In the fourth story above, the one of Nephi (son of Nephi) in 3 Nephi, we see that people were beginning to doubt that God was real, that a Savior was coming, and that any gospel teaching was true because they had been waiting for so long. 

People convinced themselves that because the wait for Christ was longer than they expected, He simply wasn’t coming.

And yet, when they least expected it, when they were more sure than ever that He wasn’t coming – He came. 

This story is a warning for us now.

It’s a warning to not lose faith in our trials because our Savior will come and minister to us personally if we wait faithfully.

It’s also a warning that people around us may lose their faith. They may say that Christ isn’t coming and never will come and maybe never did. 

Though we wait for Him in our individual lives and needs, we are also waiting for Him to return to the earth.

We’re waiting for His Second Coming. 

And, friends, I would not be surprised to see history repeat itself the closer we come to Christ’s Second Coming. It won’t be a surprise if people doubt Him more and more, if people are convinced that Christ isn’t coming or should have come already, and if people even threaten those who are still waiting for Him.

It won’t be a surprise – but we have to be prepared for it nonetheless. 

It isn’t easy to wait. But we don’t know the day or time that Jesus Christ will return, so we have to keep waiting. 

Because, in the end, it will be more than worth the wait.

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