Thy Work, My Work

Photo by Roman Kaiuk from Pexels

We’ve been blessed with the kingdom of God. And with that blessing comes the responsibility of caring for and growing the kingdom. The work of God is not for God to do alone; He brings us into it. It becomes our own. Our greatest gift and blessing is to be one with God in His work.

What would we do differently if we always paused and saw our lives this way? As something to offer up to God, all we have and all we are never belonging to us, but to Him. The liberation of God’s purpose would drive us to compassion and good, would invite and embrace, would hold to truth through every storm.

What strength are we denying ourselves of by holding ourselves back from God?

We can be better in Him. In His work. In His purpose. Our God, our Savior, is enough and more for all of us.

Oh God, the Almighty,
whose blinding power
carries light of
hope to all
who come and see,
Thy embracing sacrifice
lightens my load and
weighs me with
the efforts of
Thy kingdom.
How better to serve
Thee, my Lord,
my God,
than by making 
Thy work
my work?
Liberating and
Embracing with
Thy infinite love. 

Take part in the kingdom!

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