Infinite Love

Why does God bless us so willingly? Do you ever wonder why He chooses to show so much love and grace when He knows your weaknesses so well? What did you do to deserve this love from Him?

Honestly, and don’t take this too harshly, you and I haven’t done much to “deserve” His love and grace. We are imperfect, weak, easily swayed away from Him, and often fall short and sin. That doesn’t mean we’re all terrible people – many people in this world are good, even in spite of these things – but we aren’t perfect as God is. Our need to progress and our current mortal state are proof of that. 

So why does He help and love us?

No Obligation

We are not capable of becoming like God on our own. It just isn’t possible for us to progress without our God. Our weaknesses, our sins all hold us back from that progress if we try to do it alone. 

We desperately need God.

But there’s something we need to understand about our relationship with God – He doesn’t owe us anything. We exist because He chose to bless us with life. Everything we are and have come from Him. Yet He never needed to give us any of it. He was never obligated to. 

God loves us to the point of giving us more than we need. He blessed us with a Savior who not only paid the price of sin, which was necessary for our return to God, but also experienced every single thing we have ever experienced just so He could help us through it, which He did out of love and not obligation. 

We are literally children of our God, and He chooses to love us and extend grace to us simply for that reason. We have great value because He chooses to value us, not because we are perfect or deserving.

It’s a beautiful, empowering thing – God chooses to value us above all else each and every day. He puts all He has into our growth and progress simply because He wants to. He doesn’t need more of a reason than that. 

Because of this, when He sets the terms of a promise, we are expected to do as He directs. If we don’t do what we promised to do, God is under no obligation to fulfill His promise because we didn’t fulfill our promise. He never needed to offer us the promise in the first place. We cannot hold against God a failure to give blessings when we ourselves are the reason the blessing wasn’t given. 

Yet, when we do what He asks of us (a small request compared to all He does for us), He eagerly sends blessings our way. His promises are perfectly fulfilled, and we are drawn closer to Him through obedience and reciprocal love. 

Individually Infinite Love

The love God has for each of us extends to every aspect of our lives. He loves you, exactly where you are, and He wants to help you become more than you ever could have been on your own. This growth isn’t always comfortable, but it is fulfilling. Through the process of walking together to help you face your challenges and grow, Christ can become your best friend. You will recognize how present He is in your life and all the ways you have become new because of Him. This relationship is powerful, as demonstrated here:

Individually infinite - 
His love works on my heart,
yet gentle - 
embracing all
that is in me.
He condescends to my level - 
condescends lower - 
meets me where I am - 
invites me to shift,
step forward,
make room for Him,
follow Him. 
He focuses on me,
on the sisters
and brothers
surrounding me,
individual - 
private - 
intimate - 
deep - 
recognizing my
desire to serve
Him with my heart - 
and my continual 
to follow through.
He works with me,
My personal struggles
and pains.
He doesn’t leave me - 
He reaches out
His scarred hands,
grasping me firmly
holding me as I struggle
to succumb to His peace.
And I embrace Him
as relief overflows.
His individually infinite
has reached me
today - 
and I can’t wait 
to find Him beside me

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