Simple Spiritual Reminders

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

There are some days we just need reminders of simple, powerful truths. These simple things are what we truly build our testimonies on, and they are the hopes that keep us going in faith when nothing else can keep us going. 

Today, I want to look at a couple of these simple truths that remind us who we are, why we matter, and what we have hope in. No matter how well you know these truths, reminders of these are essential to strengthen our spiritual foundations.

You Are Valued By God

So often in life, we feel like we don’t matter. Like we’ll never measure up and we can’t do enough. Sometimes we even feel that no one really cares for us. The world is full of these perspectives and messages. Fighting against them is always challenging, but there’s one truth that is our best weapon against these things.

We are children of God. The world may make us feel worthless, but to God, we are everything. He loves us. He’s sacrificed for us. We are His work, His focus. Nothing matters more to God than His children. Our eternal progress is the entire reason He bothered to make this earth, the whole reason He sent His Son. God loves you. He loves you in this exact moment, and His hand is offered to you, inviting you ever closer to Him and His love. 

Christ Died For You

On your own, eternal progress would have been impossible. We couldn’t progress without agency, but having agency meant that we would sin and no longer be able to return to our Father, so our eternal progress would have stopped either way. 

Except – Jesus.  

He volunteered to sacrifice Himself and pay the weighty price required to free all of us from the consequences of sin. No one forced Him to do so. But He loved us and our Father so much that He chose to step in and accept responsibility for our salvation. 

Jesus died for you. He died for me. And He did so because you matter to Him. He thought you were worth saving, and He’s doing all He can to save you, no matter where you are right now.

God is Good

God is the source of good in our lives. Everything He does for us is motivated by love and a desire to bring us to Him again. Even things that initially don’t seem good can be turned for good in our lives by His hand.

Remembering the goodness of God can give us hope for the future. We can trust that He will fulfill His promises and lead us in all that we will face. We can rely on His love, use the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and receive the strength that faithfully following our God can give us. His goodness will always be an anchor for our hope and faith.

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