10 Essential Things to Remember About Jesus Christ

As disciples of Christ, we’ve promised to “always remember Him.” We can know and remember Christ in dozens of ways, and we should always be looking for more ways to know Him. But through our life-long pursuit of coming to know Christ deeply, we can’t forget some of the most basic, important parts of His character. Sometimes, those basic things are actually the most significant and life-changing things we can know about Him. So, let’s count 10 essential things we need to remember about Jesus Christ:

1. Christ Lives

Christ lives. He’s alive at this moment and all moments. Though He gave His life for us, He rose again. So at any time, we can pause and remember that He lives, and because He lives, we will live again as well.

2. Christ’s Atonement is Infinite

Christ’s atonement is further reaching than we typically think about. We know it is infinite because it’s in the scriptures. But I think “infinite” is sometimes difficult to comprehend. He truly can reach all people. And all people will receive of His love and be lifted by Him as far as they are willing to go.

Christ never owed us anything. All He’s given us has been a result of grace, mercy, and love. Our God chooses to help us and bless us because He loves us, not because He’s obligated to do so.

3. Christ Welcomes the Broken

Regardless of where we’ve been, Christ is always ready and happy to welcome us back. He leads with compassion, and though we all have things to change and resolve, He helps us with those things and doesn’t expect them to be resolved before we come back to Him. He’s the One who really resolves them anyway. On our own, those things would be too much to handle. We wouldn’t be able to correct them. But He can.

4. Christ Guides Each of Us

Christ leads people in many directions. What may be right and good for one will not be for another, but there is purpose in each path, and He knows where we are most needed and where we can become our best. And He asks each of us to contribute to His kingdom because of our variances in life.

5. Christ Saw Others

Christ was and is willing to pause for people. He had things to do. He was busy. But He paused when someone needed Him.

6. Christ Asks Us to Learn From Others

Christ leads us to those who will influence us for the better. We, of course, can be good influences as well. But it never ceases to amaze me when Christ makes it clear to me that a person is in my life to teach me what I can and should become. It’s an act of mercy and a reminder that I am more than I perceive myself to be. Christ asks that we be more because He made it possible for us to become more than carnal mortals crushed by sin and weakness. He gave us stepping stones toward growth.

Also, Christ has given all of us incredible examples of Him. No one person is perfect as He is, but people have different things they’re good at that set an example of Christ all around. This is how we learn from each other and one way we can come to know Christ better – by recognizing Him in the examples of others.

7. Christ Wants to Gather Us

Christ’s goal is to gather us in to Him in righteousness. I love the imagery of Him as a hen gathering her chicks under her wings. We face hardship, yes, but we do it with His protection and love. But we have to choose to go to Him. He wants to gather us, but He doesn’t force us to Him. He invites us, offers us goodness and safety, loves us. And we choose if we are gathered to Him or not.

8. Christ is Forgiving

Jesus forgives us – when we’re repentant. He doesn’t just hand forgiveness to us when we’re not even trying to be obedient or trying to improve. He didn’t sacrifice Himself so we could mock Him. He sacrificed to bring us together, to heal us, and change us. No-effort forgiveness isn’t part of that.

Jesus is very willing to forgive. If I’m working to follow Him and do as He asks, then all I have to do is ask for forgiveness. But He will expect that I forgive others as well. He expects me to do as much as I can to forgive others and see the good in them, not the bad.

9. Christ Comes

Our Savior comes. He comes when we’re in need, when we’re faltering, when His strength is needed. He comes into our lives and the life of every person we meet. And He comes soon. We can’t forget that. He comes again to the earth soon, and we’ll meet Him face-to-face and remember every time He came to us before. His power and love and presence cannot be forgotten – not permanently. All will be remembered of Him – because of Him.

10. Christ is Our God

This will sound really obvious, but it’s important anyway. Christ is God, not just a prophet who taught a lot of wise things. There have been lots of prophets who have taught wisdom, and I wouldn’t put my faith in them the way I do put it in Christ. We can put our faith in Christ because the Holy Spirit testifies to us that Jesus Christ is God, and He is willing, capable, and eager to make and fulfill promises that no one else could. That’s what distinguishes Him from all others who have ever taught wisdom and the gospel.

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